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NB_20090514 - Total Pages Elena Paper Solutions(Excluding...

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Unformatted text preview: Total Pages: Elena! Paper Solutions (Excluding Cover Page) 222 S. Harbor Blvd.. Ste. 900 Anaheim. CA 92805 Main Tel (714) 71300640 Main Fax (714l780-065i Mill Price Notice To: B AndyU(GEP) TeddyWu (NB) |:' David ChlniGHS) Customer: ADVANCE PAPER BOX P0: 905214 Dale: 511 412009 Produci Cusiomer Price BULB Upcharge or 7.8.9 Upcharge PER PO PEFl P0 PER P0 D Early Payment Discount [:| Rebate Flnancln & Cre_c_l__l_t_ __ E GPS Open Term I] Invoicin. D Factoring 0% GPS 11‘ BL so DAYS Credil Approved E] Yes I] No El Provide Sales Confirmation address to Ekman fax to GPS El Provide Sales Conllrmallon address to GPS I:| Provide Invoice address to Ekman fax to GPS I Provide invoice address to GPS “A 2 Mia William Cho Yolanda Yun Controller Customer Semice Manager 05/142’2003 10:01r FAX .002/002 ADVANCE PAPER BOX 00*6100 S.GRAMERCY PL*LOS ANGELES.CA.90047*(323)7502550 n...—-~..—-...__ ________ .a..._,.. To: (3845)GLOBAL PAPER SOLUTIONS s ecIaI 3111 In Instructions: 222 s HARBOR BL STE 900 p pp 9 ANAHEIM CA 92805—0000 YOUR TRUCK DEL'D "QUE-16% ______ [31551311115566 ____________________________ F3131 Oé ------- 6173121- Oé-Uéé ------ I 136 200 SHTS 35- 1/2 >144 1/4 018 BSK * 850 00 T 3110- 101 BS|_< L815021 ----‘-————-——--——-————————-——-—————————-...______________...._____. ___________._,_.......__._._ Spec1a1 InstructIons: L324QD CAD 5% OVER/UNDER MAXI .018NINGBO FOLD Confirming to STEVE C Buyer: GARY GILLESPIE 0W ()0 _ b (I ...
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