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Art History I Christine Tate, Ph.D. Instructions for Revising Museum Papers Due Wednesday, December 2 nd DO NOT FOLD, BEND, SPINDLE, MUTILATE, AND/OR RITUALLY BURN ANYTHING I RETURN TO YOU AS NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR REVISED PAPERS UNLESS ALL PAGES OF THE ORIGINAL YOURS AND MINE ARE ATTACHED TO IT. YOU MUST RESUBMIT YOUR MET PACKET PLUS YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER. AND THE GRADE SHEET WITH YOUR REVISIONS. Revisions are due Wednesday, December 2 nd ! Everyone whose grade is B+ or below MAY revise their papers; some of you must do so in order to receive credit for the assignment. Check all comments and corrections on your original draft. Be sure that you understand them clearly. Then do what they say. Review the assignment instructions to be sure that the changes you make in your paper are improvements . It is possible to change your paper for the worse. Try not to do that. If in doubt, ask your classmate, uncle, dog , professor before you turn your paper in . Do not include information from the label or Stokstad or any other source.
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