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Art History I Christine Tate, Ph.D. EXAMPLE OF A PROMISING ESSAY FROM THE FIRST EXAM & PRACTICE ASSIGNMENT Palette of Narmer , Egypt (A) vs. Assurbanipal and His Queen in the Garden (B) Even though these two sculptures are both stone reliefs of kings who are celebrating the defeat of their enemies, they are 2,500 years apart and illustrate that they come from different cultures. Both use the typical styles and conventions of their cultures, although the one is very early and one is very late. The Narmer Palette, has an “everyday use” as a mixing holder for the eyeliner that all Egyptians wore (to protect against infection and glare) it is really a narrative about Narmer’s (Menes?) unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. It tells the story of how he defeated his rival king with the help of the gods Hathor (cows) and Horus (bird) and shows how he killed the other king and took his crown. His name in hieroglyphics appears three times (chisel and fish) so there can’t be any doubt about who he is and what he’s doing. He and his attendants are
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