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6/24/2011 Page 1 Articulation Agreement by Major Effective during the 10-11 Academic Year Based on the 10-11 UC Transfer Course Agreement To: UC San Diego |From: Coastline Community College 10-11 General Catalog Quarter|10-11 General Catalog Semester ================================================================================ ====International Studies - Sociology B.A.==== DATED MATERIAL SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CONSULT THE CURRENT UCSD GENERAL CATALOG FOR ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Special Advising Note: Transfer students are strongly advised to complete as many preparatory courses as soon as possible for their major before enrolling at UC San Diego. Preparing well for the major helps students move efficiently toward graduation. The International Studies Program offers seven degrees: International Studies - Anthropology, International Studies - Economics, International Studies - History, International Studies - Linguistics, International Studies - Literature, International Studies - Political Science, and
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