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Art History I What is Art? Christine Tate, Ph.D. First Assignment: Take-Home Answer the questions below. I will collect this assignment as you enter class on your first day. (It would be an excellent idea to impress me with your conscientiousness and brilliance at the beginning of the semester.) These answers may not be found in your text, in another book, or online. They require thought—which must be yours alone. DO NOT SHARE ANSWERS WITH OTHER STUDENTS OR COPY ANYTHING FROM YOUR TEXT—OR ANY OTHER SOURCE. 1. What is art? (Note please that art is NOT nature. Think “art ificial”. Also note that if it were true
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Unformatted text preview: that art is anything anyone says it is there would be no point whatsoever in spending tens of thousands of dollars—or anything at all for that matter—to come to art school. That was an original idea a century or so ago, but it’s been taken, so you shall have to think for yourself.) 2. Give two examples of works (NOT MEDIUMS) of visual art that you love. I.) II.) 3. What are the differences between an artist, a designer, and a craftsman? (NB: The answer is not that there are no differences.) –Artist –Designer –Craftsman 4. List and explain three reasons artists should know art history. I.) II.) III.)...
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