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Running head: DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT 1 Diagnosis and Treatment Jayme Wyman BEH/225 October 23, 2011 Michelle Maliniak
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DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT 2 Diagnosis and Treatment Diagnosis and Treatment There are many forms of disorders now a day; all disorders can be treated by doctors, medications, and even evaluations. Most doctors treat all disorders with medication or therapy. In this paper I will describe my disorder, give the treatments and therapies used for the disorder, and any medication maybe given for the disorder. The disorder that I have chosen is Depression. Depression is the most common mood disorder in people today. Depression is a condition in which a person feels overwhelmed with sadness, loses of interest in activities, and displays other symptoms such as excessive guilt or feelings of worthlessness. People suffering from depression are unable to experience pleasure from activities they once enjoyed. People that are depressed often feel as if they have failed extremely in life and tend to blame themselves for their problems. Depression is a psychological disorder and therefore cannot be forward clinically. Once physical test have been led by a Medical Professional, then the following types of questions might be asked in order to evaluate the psychological condition and determine if there is a possibility of depression. Many times these symptoms are noticed by a friend or family member
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