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Doc1 - 7 A summer resort rents rowboats to customers but...

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Unformatted text preview: 7. A summer resort rents rowboats to customers but does not allow more than four people to a boat Each boat is designed to hold no more than 300 pounds. Suppose the distribution of adult males who rent boats, including their clothes and gear, is normal with a mean of 190 pounds and standard deviation of 10 pounds. if the weights of individual passengers are independent, what is the probability that a group of four adult male passengers will exceed the acceptable weight limit of 800 pounds? (A) 0.023 (a) 0.045 (c) 0.159 (n) 0.31? (E) 0.9T? 3‘ Consider a data set of positive vflues, at least two of which are not equal. Which of the following sample statistics will be changed when each value in this data set is multiplied by a constant whose absolute value is greater than 1? L The mean II. The median lIL The standard deviation (A) I only {a} II only (c) H] only (o) land 11 only (a) l, LL and 111 9. Each person in a simple random sample of 2,000 received a survey, and 317 people returned their survey. How could nonresponse cause the results of the survey to be biased? (A) Those who did not respond reduced the sample size, and small samples have more bias than large samples. {a} Those who did not respond caused a violation of the assumption of independence. (:3) Those who did not respond were indistinguishable from those who did not receive the survey. (o) Those who did not respond represent a stratiu’n. changing the simple random sample into a stratified random sample. (a) Those who did respond may differ in some important way from those who did not respond. ...
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