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39. The characteristic that is demonstrated when a high degree of consensus can be secured among independent measurers using the same measurement methods is a. relevance. b. reliability. c. verifiability. d. neutrality. 40. According to Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts No. 2, predictive value is an ingredient of the primary quality of Relevance Reliability a. Yes No b. Yes Yes c. No No d. No Yes 41. Under Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts No. 2, representational faithfulness is an ingredient of the primary quality of Reliability Relevance a. Yes Yes b. No Yes c. Yes No d. No No 42. Financial information does not demonstrate consistency when a. firms in the same industry use different accounting methods to account for the same type of transaction. b. a company changes its estimate of the salvage value of a fixed asset. c. a company fails to adjust its financial statements for changes in the value of the
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Unformatted text preview: measuring unit. d. none of these. 43. Financial information exhibits the characteristic of consistency when a. expenses are reported as charges against revenue in the period in which they are paid. b. accounting entities give accountable events the same accounting treatment from period to period. c. extraordinary gains and losses are not included on the income statement. d. accounting procedures are adopted which give a consistent rate of net income. 44. Information about different entities and about different periods of the same entity can be prepared and presented in a similar manner. Comparability and consistency are related to which of these objectives? Comparability Consistency a. Entities Entities b. Entities Periods c. Periods Entities d. Periods Periods...
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