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C ARLETON U NIVERSITY S CHOOL OF C OMPUTER S CIENCE F ALL 2010 C OMP . 2805 - D ISCRETE S TRUCTURES : II A SSIGNMENT IV D UE : D ECEMBER 3, 2010 __________________________________________________________________________________ Assignment Policy: Late assignments will not be accepted. You are expected to work on the assignments on your own. Past experience has shown conclusively that those who do not put adequate effort into the assignments do not learn the material and have a probability near 1 of doing poorly on the exams. Important note: When writing your solutions, you must follow the guidelines below. Please write your name and student number clearly. Your last name must be in Upper Case. The answers should be concise, clear and neat. Make sure that your TA can read your solutions. Please submit the solutions in the order of the problems , the solution to Problem 1, then to Problem 2 and so on. When presenting proofs, every step should be justified so as to get partial credit.
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