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Western Washington University Computer Science Department CSCI 141 Computer Programming I Fall 2011 Laboratory Exercise 5 Objectives 1. Practice in using floating-point numbers. 2. Practice in exception handling. Submitting Your Work In this assignment you will write an Ada program to calculate statistical properties of some audio data. Save your program file (the .adb file) in the zipped tar file WnnnnnnnnLab5.tar.gz (where Wnnnnnnnn is your WWU W-number) and submit the file via the Lab Exercise 5 Submission item on the course web site. You must submit your program by 4:00pm on Friday, November 4. The Audio Data Several files are provided containing data from audio sources. A sound is converted into an electrical signal by a microphone. The electrical signal can then be converted into a series of numbers that represent the amplitudes of the electrical signal values over a brief period of time. It is these signal amplitude values that are recorded in the provided files. Each file of audio data provided for this assignment is from recordings of a human voice saying a single word. Each data value is written as a real number in scientific notation, with a leading minus sign for negative values, a mantissa and an exponent to base 10. Here is a sample of the data: -2.9296875e-03 -1.4648438e-03 -4.8828125e-04 4.8828125e-04 9.7656250e-04 0.0000000e+00 1.9531250e-03 DB 10/27/11 Page 1 of 4
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Lab5 - Western Washington University Computer Science...

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