Lab1 - Western Washington University Computer Science...

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Computer Science Department CSCI 141 Computer Programming I Fall 2011 Laboratory Exercise 1 Objectives 1. Gain familiarity with the software development environment. Submitting Your Work Save your program as WnnnnnnnnLab1.adb (where Wnnnnnnnn is your WWU W- number) and submit the file via the Lab Exercise 1 Submission item on the course web site. You must submit your program by 4:00pm on Friday September 30. Exercise Steps 1. Check that your computer is running the Windows operating system. If it is currently running Linux, restart the computer and select the Windows operating system from the GRUB menu. 2. Log onto the computer, using the user name and password specified on the supplied sheet. 3. Windows will require you to change your password. Choose a new password containing at least 8 characters, including both upper-case and lower-case letters, digits and some punctuation. 4. Open an editor in Windows. Notebook++ is a good one to start with. 5. Type in the Ada hello world program: with Ada.Text_IO; procedure hello is begin     Ada.Text_IO.Put(“Hello world!”);     Ada.Text_IO.New_Line; end hello; 6. Save the file in your file space on the N drive as hello.adb. 7. From the Start menu, choose
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This note was uploaded on 11/03/2011 for the course CSCI 141 taught by Professor Ural during the Fall '08 term at Western Washington.

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Lab1 - Western Washington University Computer Science...

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