Week 1 Assignment 1

Week 1 Assignment 1 - 1 Name and describe each of the nine...

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1.) Name and describe each of the nine project management knowledge areas. The answer needs to be in your OWN words - description particularly: 1. Project Integration Management This area combines all the knowledge of the other 8 areas of project management and executes them in unity. 2. Project Scope Management Involves Defining and establishing what work is relevant to complete an entire project successfully. 3. Project Time Management The process of laying out the estimated time to complete the project. This included creating a project schedule and monitoring the project from start to finish. 4. Project Cost Management Managing and preparing the budget for a given project. 5. Project Quality Management A management area that looks at how closely the project is meeting the objectives of the project. The purpose is to meet the projects written and/or implied needs. 6. Project Human Resource Management Making efficient use of the people involved with carrying out the
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