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Using SAM Projects SAM Projects is live-in-the-application grading software that lets you complete projects in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 and have them graded instantly. This is a huge benefit to you because you can complete your SAM Projects homework, submit it to the SAM Projects site, and instantly receive a detailed report stating what you did correctly and where you made mistakes. There are 12 SAM Projects that practice the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills presented in the units in this book. These SAM Projects are nearly identi- cal to the Independent Challenge 1 exercises in these units with a few small changes (which are necessitated by the software). Note that you can only use SAM Projects if you purchased a SAM Projects access code with your textbook. This bonus section includes the exact instructions for each of the SAM Projects for the Word, Excel and PowerPoint units in this book. The first four lessons cover some basic tasks you need to per- form to get started with SAM Projects. OBJECTIVES Create a SAM User Profile Join a section Understand the process of using SAM Projects Understanding SAM Projects reports Instructions for Word SAM Projects Excel SAM Projects PowerPoint SAM Projects Files You Will Need: SAM Projects 44693Page 111/10/07 JAB SAM Projects Capstones_Sam CCAP 44693 12/3/08 4:15 PM Page 1
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Creating a SAM User Profile In order to use the SAM system (and specifically SAM Projects), you must have a username and password. You set these up yourself by creating a SAM user profile via the SAM login page. In this lesson, you set up a user profile and establish a username and password. 1. Be sure you are connected to the Internet, start Internet Explorer , type in the address bar, then press [Enter] The SAM login page opens in the Internet Explorer window, as shown in Figure SP-1. You use this page to login if you already have a username and password or to create a SAM user profile if you do not. 2. Click New user A new page opens that contains an area for entering your Institution Key. See Figure SP-2. An Institution Key is an 8-digit code that uniquely identifies your school. Your instructor will provide you with your school’s Institution Key. 3. Type your school’s Institution Key in the Institution Key field, then click Submit A dialog box appears, asking you to verify that you have entered the correct Institution Key for your institution. 4. Verify that the Institution Key matches the one for your school, then click OK If your institution is using the key code version of SAM 2007, then a page opens after step 4 that requests your 18-digit key code. You can find this key code inside the flap of the SAM 2007 card you received when you purchased your textbook(s). 5. If requested to do so, enter your
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SAM Project lessons - Capstones_Sam CCAP 44693 SAM Projects...

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