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Make It Right2-1Certification Paper Draft - a personal...

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In today’s technology-rich world, a demand for computer professionals continues to grow. Companies often require certification to ensure quality and workmanship standards and to confirm their workforce remains up to date with respect to computers and technology. Certification is the process of verifying the technical knowledge of an individual who has demonstrated competence in a particular area. Acquiring certification in one or more areas can enhance your career in the information technology (IT) field. A certification is one of the first accomplishments an employer notices on a resume(Otoole). It provides a benchmark, or a means, to measure a person’s skills. It can set an individual apart from other potential candidates who may be vying for a similar advancement or position. Although nothing guarantees job security, certification helps give the IT professional an edge over employees without certification. Certification demonstrates the mastery of a skill set and knowledge base in a specific IT area. It is
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Unformatted text preview: a personal achievement that adds credibility among peers and employers. Certification also authorizes the certificate holder to use the product’s official logo or symbol on personal items, such as business cards and Web pages. Numerous salary surveys show that certification helps influence pay increases. A recent survey reported that 51 percent of the respondents had a salary increase due to certification. In addition, individuals with more than one area of certification can command even higher salaries, according to Shelly and Cashman (Benefits of Certification). Companies often pay a bonus as an incentive for certification. The use of computers and the demand for computer professionals continue to grow. By becoming certified in an IT area, you and your employer both will enjoy the benefits. Works Cited Shelly, Gary B., and Thomas J. Cashman. "Benefits of Certification." Course Technology. 31 March 2008 <>....
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Make It Right2-1Certification Paper Draft - a personal...

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