Extend 3-1 Club Letter Draft

Extend 3-1 Club Letter Draft - December January February...

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Philanthropy Club of Markham College Piketon Building, Room 412 * Snow Hill, IL 61998 * Phone (630) 555-2323 * E-mail: philclub@campus.edu April 11, 2008 Ms. Marion Hernandez 47 West 189 th Street Snow Hill, IL 61998 Dear Ms. Hernandez: As a former club member and an alumnus, you no doubt are aware of the work our club performs. We currently are holding a fundraising drive so that we can better serve the university and the surrounding community. In addition to the many campus events that we sponsor, we make monetary donations to several community groups. The following table outlines some of financial support we gave various groups in the last four months:
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Unformatted text preview: December January February March Literacy Group 175.00 160.00 174.00 169.00 Youth Sports Network 140.00 142.00 139.00 140.00 Campus Campaign 12.00 16.00 15.00 22.00 After-School Programs 125.00 125.00 130.00 123.00 As a past member, you know firsthand the many worthy causes on our campus and in our community. Future club projects include: Fall blood drive in 2008 Food drive each month, not only during holiday season Tutoring group to meet on campus and at local schools The members of the Philanthropy Club thank you for your past support and hope that it will continue. Sincerely, Jackson Spurlach...
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Extend 3-1 Club Letter Draft - December January February...

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