Chapter 3 - Chapter3XMSatelliteRadioCaseQuestions

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Submitted by aid157788 on 9/4/2011 4:36:07 PM  Points Awarded  8 Points Missed  2 Percentage  80% 1. When XM was first approved for a satellite license, the radio industry was a dynamic environment. A. False B. True Points Earned: 1/1 Correct Answer: A Your Response: A 2. When it received the satellite radio license in 1997, XM could not have predicted the technological  changes, such as the iPod, that would affect the radio industry. How well managers can  understand or predict the external changes and trends affecting their businesses is known as: A. supplier dependence B. environmental uncertainty C. resource scarcity D. punctuated equilibrium theory Points Earned: 1/1 Correct Answer: B Your Response: B 3. When XM and Sirius received their satellite radio licenses, _____ prevented them from forming a  merger. A.
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Chapter 3 - Chapter3XMSatelliteRadioCaseQuestions

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