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Chapter 3 Organizational Environments and Cultures Case: XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc. In the late 1980s, the American Mobile Radio Corporation was founded. In March 1997, it became one of two companies to receive an exclusive Satellite digital audio radio license. The company changed its name to XM Satellite Radio and contracted with Hughes Space (now Boeing Space Systems) to build and launch two satellites. XM then gave a public offering of its stock, and began signing contracts with media providers and celebrities and making exclusive broadcast arrangements with major sports. As competition with its fellow satellite radio company, Sirius Satellite radio, began heating up, the general environment for radio, which had been relatively static for the last 50 years, experienced a dramatic change. In addition to the traditional ground based stations, XM and Sirius found themselves competing with new personal music devices, like the iPod, HD radio, Internet radio, and in- car DVD players. In efforts to attract new customers, XM began offering various free trials
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Chapter_3-_XM_Radio_Case - Chapter 3 Organizational...

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