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World Religions06 - GEO 160 Global religions RELIGIONS...

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GEO 160 Global religions RELIGIONS  – Cultural Universal : nearly all societies have a religion and religions show great similarities - spatial distribution is consequence of diffusion - Relationship between language and religion (colonization?) What is Religion ? A set of beliefs and associated activities designed to overcome fear of the unknown, to deal with the mysterious factors that control man’s destinies, or to find ultimate meaning and purpose in life. - Establish a code of behavior, ethics. - Expression of culture; spatial pattern of religion imprinted on cultural landscape Lies at root of conflict b/t different cultural groups: Islam v Judaism in Middle East Hindus v Muslims v Sihks in India Catholics v Protestants in N. Ireland 80% of world population are "followers of a religion" 90% of those claim: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism 2 Types of Religions     :   a) UNIVERSALIZING – evangelical; proselytic; incorporate missionaries and conversion practices to transmit their beliefs.
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Instruct faithful to spread the word(Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) b) ETHNIC – identity associated with a particular group of people; do not actively convert others (Judaism, Hinduism) Worship What? MONOTHEISTIC (belief in one God); Christianity, Judaism, Islam; Hinduism (although God takes on more than one form) POLYTHEISITIC (belief in more than one god) NONTHEISTIC – (no God, just a way of living right); Buddhism ANIMISM - worship inanimate objects; associate diety status to non-living things The Monotheistic Religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam Judaism, Christianity and Islam all originated with a divine covenant b/t the God of the ancient Israelites and Abrahamaround 2000 BC Christianity Largest in area and number of adherents Has 1.9 billion (nearly 1/3 of world population) adherents; most widespread spatially and most significant numerically. ** - Predominant religion in N/S Americas, Europe, Australia and other countries w/Christian majority in Africa and Asia - Roman Catholic is the largest Christian denomination (56% of world’s Christians; 20% of global population)
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World Religions06 - GEO 160 Global religions RELIGIONS...

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