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Fall 2011 Stony Brook University Department of Chemistry CHE 303 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I Instructors: Dr. Susan Oatis, [email protected] Office Hours: Mon. 10–11 am, Chemistry 535 Dr. Brad Tooker, [email protected] Office Hours: TBA, Chemistry 470 Dr. Christian Burger, [email protected] Office Hours: TBA, Chemistry 423 Credits: 2 Time: Lecture: M, 12:50 – 1:45 pm, Library W4525 Lab L01: Tu, 1:00 – 6:15 pm, Chemistry 510 L02: W, 12:50 – 6:00 pm, Chemistry 510 L03: Th, 1:00 – 6:15 pm, Chemistry 510 L04: F, 2:15 – 7:30 pm, Chemistry 510 Prerequisites: CHE 134 or 144 or 199 Corequisites: CHE 301 Teaching assistants: Alex Mwai, Kelly Neer, Pan Xu, Abdullah Zettili Course description: Quantitative techniques of physical chemistry will be introduced and practiced. Topics to be explored include equilibria, kinetics, spectrophotometry, and the thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions. Students will be required to assess the quality of their laboratory measurements through error analysis, and comparison to theoretical calculations and/or literature data. Formal report writing is required. Schedule Aug. 29–Sept.2: Introduction, Laboratory report writing, and data presentations. Introduction to making meaningful measurements: a) Standardization of HCl Sept. 6–9: No lecture (Monday 9/5) b) Determination of Na 2 CO 3 in an Unknown Introduction/Theory sections for MB lab due Sept. 12–16: Photodegradation of Methylene Blue by Nanoparticles Procedure for MB lab due (Lab Report due: Sept 20 – Sept 23)
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Sept. 19–23: Modeling Thermodynamic Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols. Humitter RH calibrations Introduction / Theory section due Sept. 26–28/ Aerosol Measurements: RH as a function of inorganic/organic salt Oct. 3− 6: composition (Lab Report due: Oct. 11−14) Oct. 10 −14: Heat of Mixing: Thermistor Calibration, and Determination of Calorimeter Heat Capacity. Introduction/Theory sections due. Oct. 17–21: Heat of Mixing: Ethanol + Water Procedure section due. Oct. 24–28: Heat of Mixing Water + Ethanol, Calculations Results (tables, graphs) from Ethanol + Water trials (Lab report due: Nov. 1–4) Oct. 31–Nov.4: Eriochrome Black: Prelaboratory calculations, pH meter calibration, Buffer titrations Introduction/Theory sections due Nov. 7–11: Eriochrome Black: Hydrogen Ion Equilibria Procedure section due Nov. 14–18: Eriochrome Black Calculations Results (tables, graphs) due (Lab report due: Nov. 22) Nov 21−22: No Lecture/Lab. Nov. 28–Dec.2: Enzyme Kinetics – Prelaboratory calculations Introduction/ Theory sections due Dec. 5–9: Enzyme Kinetics Procedure section due (Lab report due: Dec 13−16) Dec. 13−20: Finals Week All prelaboratory calculations, instrument calibrations, and preliminary determinations will be collected at the end of the laboratory period. You will not be able to move into the main experiment without submitting these pre-lab requirements or preliminary writing assignments.
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C303f11syl - Fall 2011 Stony Brook University Department of...

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