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From the secondary research and focus group conducted, it can be concluded that Brand Preference and Service are the two most important attributes in the consumers’ minds when it comes to patronizing a cinema. For the sake of creating a perceptual graph, Brand preference was being measured based on the first choice of cinema the consumer would choose in the presence of other competitors. Standard of Service has been measured based on the cinema’s range of services offered. This includes a. Value-added Services (delivery of food to one’s seat, comfortable seats, ambience etc.) and b. Convenience
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Unformatted text preview: (booking mediums, number of outlets across the island). From the positioning map, Golden Village is considered the ideal choice of cinema one would choose in terms of the brand and the service offered by having the most number of outlets available and the comfort and ambience level of the cinemas. As compared to Golden Village, Cathay would be the next best alternative by having equally strong brand preference however falling short in terms of convenience despite having relatively good seats. One reason would be because of the limited outlets available for patrons to choose from....
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