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April+9 - identities not represented by the traditional...

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April 9, 2009 Monaghan, "Signing" (413-415) · LeMaster & Monaghan, "Variation in Sign Languages" (416-420) · Monaghan, "The Founding of Two Deaf Churches" (421-436) Questions for Monaghan, “The Founding of Two Deaf Churches” Why did a group of deaf churchgoers form the OBDC, and what did this have to do with their identities? It was founded because these members saw the hearing hierarchy of the church failing to understand and respect Deaf culture. It had to do with their identities because the second split involved competing forms of Christian identity with the newly formed Deaf church, leading to a further institutional schism. Also this shows that by them making two identities for the church, people who hear and people are deaf, shows how individuals relate themselves to a wider institutional agenda and practice. In what way did the OBDC more strongly reflect one aspect of the deaf churchgoers’
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Unformatted text preview: identities not represented by the traditional church? The OBDC more strongly reflected one aspect of the deaf churchgoers’ identities because all the parts of the services are signed without voice. Also people link their old identities to new things, old things, and even personal and national issues. How does the article describe one way that sign language accounts for changes in “pitch” or “volume”? “Pitch” and “Volume” is used differently in the deaf church because the preacher controls the wide range of registers and varieties of sign language, from casual chatting to preaching, and from Signed English to American Sign Language. What were the two types of sign language mentioned, and how were they differently used in the OBDC church service? Signed English and American Sign Language...
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