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Pages 195-199, “Swearing”. 200-208 “Swearing as a Function of Gender” Questions for Andersson/Trudgill and Murray How do Andersson and Trudgill define “swearing”? How does their definition fit into our discussion of phatic and referential language? Cross-cultural but all things are similar with these three points They define it as: we suggest that swearing can be defined as a type of language use in which the expression a. Refers to something that is taboo and/or stigmatized in the culture; b. Should not be interpreted literally; c. Can be used to express strong emotions and attitudes. It fits into our discussion of phatic and referential language because like referential is a sub of phatic info, swearing is a sub of our language. Another way it is like our discussion is because swearing is used to express emotions and attitudes just like referential language. What is the function of swearing, according to them? The function; literal meaning does not take us very far. These words and
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Unformatted text preview: formulas can be used in some situations but not in others. Examples, some can express anger, some surprise, some argument, and so on. What are the four categories of swearing, and what are the functions of each? Give examples not used in the book. 1.Expletive- Used to express emotions: not directed towards others. Ex; Hell, Shit, God damn it, my ex; Fuck! 2.Abusive- Directed towards others, derogatory; includes name-calling and different types of curses. Ex; you asshole, you bastard, Go to hell my ex; Fuck you! 3. Humorous- Directed towards others but not derogatory, often takes the form of abusive swearing but has the opposite function; is playful rather than offensive. Ex; Get your ass in gear my ex; Get your ass in shape! ha-ha you just got shit on! 4. Auxiliary- not directed towards a person or situation; swearing as a way of speaking (lazy swearing); often or always non-emphatic, my ex; Fuck, man...
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