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Stephanie Cook March 24 Questions for Philipsen What are the institutions that figure into Philipsen’s study, and whose ideologies come into conflict with one another? (hint: there are three) 1. College 2. Office of Mayor 3. Teamsterville Who are the Teamsters? People who used to lead teams of horses to deliver things. To whom was Mayor Daley’s speech crafted in response? What was the accusation leveled at him? His speech is in response to Alderman Simpson who had accused him of nepotism. How do the institutional cultures that the professor and Mayor Daley come from help them interpret the event that led to the speech differently? The professor defended colleges and universities and the constructive role they played in Vietnam. What were the responses to the speech? One was critical, Alderman did not agree and said that the statements they made were false. Another speech was “defective performance” (some said it was an outburst or display of temper). The last two responses were psychological explanations and
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