16 - 23:06 3MainPartsoftheBrain Hindbrain...

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23:06 3 Main Parts of the Brain Hindbrain Main function; Life Support Substructures: Medulla and Pons Reflexes, heart rate, respiration  Reticular formation sleep, arousal Cerebellum Complex movements Coordination, timing Shifting attention, discrimination between stimuli Midbrain, switching part of the brain, “Relay stations” Coordinates sensory information  Substructures: Tectum Superior colliculus- visual processing, eye movements Inferior colliculus- auditory processing Substantia nigra- dopamine production Forebrain Main function:  “higher ” mental processes Substructure Cerebral cortex - outer covering Outer covering of forebrain Made of gray matter- cell bodies of cortical neurons
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 Interior of forebrain is made of white matter Axons coated by myelin Thalamus —sensory relay Hypothalamus— motivated behavior Limbic System —motivation, emotion memory Lft/right hemispheres Divided into lobes:
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16 - 23:06 3MainPartsoftheBrain Hindbrain...

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