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Exam 2 study guide-2

Exam 2 study guide-2 - S09 Exam 2 Study Guide Ch 2 Ch.3 1...

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S’09 Exam 2 Study Guide Ch. 2, Ch.3 1. What is the scientific method? a. A multistep technique that generates empirical knowledge-that is, knowledge derived from systematic observations of the world. 2. What is a hypothesis? a. A prediction about the characteristics of the behavior under study. 3. What is an operational definition? a. Define concepts specifically in terms of how those concepts can be measured. 4. What is reactivity? a. Occurs when an individual’s behavior is changed by the process of being observed. 5. What is external validity? a. Tells us how well the results of an observation generalize to other situations or a representative of real life. 6. What is a case study? a. The researcher focuses on a single case, usually one individual. 7. What is correlational research? a. Predicting future performance by determining whethers a relationship exists between two measures of behavior, the one recorded and the one expected.
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