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Pysch Study Guide - Pysch Study Guide 1. What did Descartes...

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Pysch Study Guide 1. What did Descartes believe about the mind/body problem? a. That the mind and the body are separate a.i. The physical body cannot think nor is it possible to explain thinking by appealing to physical matter a.ii. He did allow for the possibility that one could have an important influence on the other a.iii. He believed that the mind controlled the actions of a mechanical body through the pineal gland( a small structure at the base of the brain) he was wrong it produces hormones not muscle movements a.iv. First introduced the idea of reflex ( they play a vital role in our lives) b. Today psychologists believe that they are one in the same, that the mind is what the brain does 2. What role did philosophy and physiology psychology play in the roots of modern psychology? a. Psychology is in the middle ground between them, philosophy helped frame many of the questions and physiology focused attention on the workings of the human body. a.i. Eclectic approach- the idea that its useful to select information from several sources rather than to rely entirely on a dingle perspective or school of thought. 3. Who was Wundt and why was he important? What did he do in 1879? a. Wundt was German professor at the University of Leipzig a.i. He was a medical doctor by training a.ii. Traditionally recognized as the founder, or father, of modern psychology a.iii. Demonstrated that it is possible to perform meaningful experiments in the science of psychology b. 1879- he established the first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig,
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Pysch Study Guide - Pysch Study Guide 1. What did Descartes...

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