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S09 Exam 5 Study Guide 1. What is an instinct? a. Unlearned characteristic patterns of responding triggered by specific external stimuli b. Out of favor as an explanation for human behavior 2. What is a drive? a. A state of unrest or irritation that energizes one behavior after another until one of them removes irritation b. Psychological states that arise in response to internal needs i. Hunger, thirst 3. What is homeostasis? Why is it important? a. Process through which body maintains a steady state i. Ex: important to maintain constant internal temp Reduce drive restore homeostasis 4. What is an incentive? a. External factors in the environment that exert “pulling” effects on our actions ex: good grades when you study 5. What is intrinsic motivation? a. Goal-directed behavior that seems to be entirely self-motivated. i. Can actually be reduced by external rewards 6. Know Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (top to bottom of triangle) a. Self-Actualization b. Esteem Needs c. Belonging and Love Needs d. Safety Needs e. Physiological Needs 7. How does the body know when it is hungry? a. External Factors
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i. Eating habits involving times, places, kinds of food you’re used to can affect food choices (includes cultural differences in eating customs) ii. Food can trigger eating as well, even when a person does not physically need food; includes sight, smell, past associations b. Internal Factors i. Brain monitors signals from the body: glucose(sugar), Insulin(hormone by pancreas), and Letin (hormone) ii. Hypothalamus regulates hunger; regulates weight and affects
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S09+Exam+5+study+guide - S09 Exam 5 Study Guide 1 What is...

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