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H106- Final Study Guide Word - History Final Start of Cold...

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Unformatted text preview: History Final Start of Cold War Beginning Concepts: World War 2 let to another war- the cold war. America decided to remain militarized after 1945 and not to disarm. It kept a powerful military presence throughout the world. The WW2 alliance with the so Soviet Union broke down after 1845 as both nations now sought to gain power and influence outside their borders and build more dangerous weapons. The cold war would dominate American life for the next 40 yrs. 1. Breakup of US/USSR Alliance • Why the WW2 allies became enemies:- Tensions from atomic bomb decision. Soviet Union felt we dropped early to keep them out of Asia- USSR Control over Poland/East Europe/Stalin already has troops there after fighting Germans- Berlin blockade/Stalin cuts of access to Berlin/US launches airlift · How Truman Administration Fights Cold War- Policy of Containment, 1947: Idea to stop spread of Soviet power in world. Developed by George Kennan- The Marshall Plan/Economic Aid to West Europe- Truman Doctrine- NATO- National Security Act (1947): created Department of Defense and CIA + NSC-68 to finance massive military build up and make Hydrogen bomb • Korea Divided at 38th Parallel- McArthur wanted to push northward into China.- Truman stopped him; wanted to only contain communist forces north of 38th parallel- Eisenhower also accepted Containment line vs. McArthur’s “Total Victory” • Eisenhower Elected 1952/Upholds Containment - Ended Korean War- had promised if elected he would go to Korea and make peace- Hungarian Revolution, 1956- Eisenhower does no intervene vs. Soviet invasion- Vietnam: Eisenhower refuses to intervene to help french or bomb North, commits to Diem government in south- keeping Communists in North above • Eisenhower and Vietnam, 1954- Eisenhower actually makes first US commitments to Vietnam in 1954—after French pull out. He expresses “Domino Theory” in reference to South Vietnam=can’t let it fall to Communists or other nations in Southeast Asia would fall as well like Cambodia and Thailand- 1. Helps government of Diem/ a government of wealthy landowners- 2. Send US military advises to help Army of South Vietnam- 3. Allow Diem to prohibit free elections, fear of Ho Chi Minh being elected in defiance of Geneva accord- 4. Send secret CIA teams to disrupt government in North. 2. The Cold War At home Beginning Concepts: ‣ US has troops looking for Communism at home and abroad. ‣ The Cold War involved a domestic battle ground as well as abroad. ‣ Search for domestic spies ‣ ex: McCarthyism • Looking for Disloyal Americans- Origins of anti-communism ➡ Threatened america ➡ Communism inferred state power rather than free market ➡ Anti-religious and anti-capitalism ➡ Bolshevik Revolution favors workers, Marxist philosophy- “HUAC” (House of Un-American Activities Committee) 1938 created by congress- set up to search for Bolsheviks or communism in America- 1947- Truman calls for Loyalty Oaths of all federal employees...
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H106- Final Study Guide Word - History Final Start of Cold...

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