Lecture 20-riseofconservatives

Lecture 20-riseofconservatives -...

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Lecture 20: Rise of Conservatives John Welsh Birch Society Individualism instead of collectivism Less government more freedom “Great Communist Conspiracy” Moral values Fundamental point of why modern conservatism becomes a powerful influence Experience of WW2 Similar to Civil Rights movement after WW2 Many took from WW2 experience that government had simply become too  powerful and dominant in people’s lives Government issued drafts Government provided jobs Government could send someone to their death in battles Could say control was for a good reason at the time  but government could  become too powerful People began to desire to lessen government control Renewed emphasis on restoring freedom and individualism Modern conservatives “The New Right” motivated to celebrate individualism different than the “The Old Right” (such as Hoover) Old Right Isolationism promoted Strongly racist  towards immigrants and blacks (KKK an example of the Old  Right) Against collectivism
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Preferred rural area values, disliked cities New Right Rejects isolationism Tolerant view of race  seldom were out front on civil rights  strain of racism  never fully goes away Also against collectivism
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Lecture 20-riseofconservatives -...

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