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lecture5 - 9/16 Lecture 5 Concept as a result of the growth...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/16 Lecture 5 Concept: as a result of the growth of a national economy­ driven by dreams of settling the continent. New cities grew and expanded. Cassidy’s article Modernization and social crisis ­Emergence of national power ­2nd strike not favorable for workers ­Can’t control direction of railroad ­Group declines Nationalization of economy Consolidation of power Connecting country Large corporations set up in cities, demand for unskilled labor. Eugene V. Debs didn’t like this aspect of growth. ­Most came from Europe. (Ellis Island) Why leave the homeland? ­Expanding number of unskilled jobs in America. ­Overpopulation/less land in Europe ­Decline of craft industries/developed workers How Immigrants settle in new cities/job housing networks ­Moved into networks with other people of same ethnicity, have contacts (family members) in the neighborhoods. Family economy Based on sharing, puts pressure on women. Child mortality rates it high. Bad living conditions, etc. Irish and Jews come to stay, didn’t leave like other ethnicities. Incentives: Get rich. Letter writing to family back home causes big influence. Poor conditions in cities. Women have to bare more children. Black immigrants from south contributed to immigration ­Less racism ­No lynching ­ “Safer” ­Wrote articles to Chicago Defender 1) Migration slower before WWI from upper south 2) Migration flow picks up during WWI/demand for labor rises 3) Blacks relied on kinship networks for housing but could not secure job connections 4) Few blacks inclined to return to the south ...
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  • Fall '08
  • unskilled labor. Eugene, continent. New cities, cities/job housing networks, craft industries/developed workers, women. Child mortality

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lecture5 - 9/16 Lecture 5 Concept as a result of the growth...

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