reformingamerica - progressivism to re-shape society(what...

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9/21 Reforming America         Progressives began to see economic expansion brought problems Progressive movement (Eugene Debs was a progressive enthusiast) Goals: end corruption health and morals (sex, prostitution, birth control) Poverty and justice (Americans learning about millionaires) education conserving environment status of women   Henry lloid- “wealth against common wealth” 1903- exposed rockefeller this scruptulour practices tarbell was the author of “purchasing influence” upton sinclair- Chicago stockyards unsanitary conditions -public outrage, lead to meat inspection acts reformers try to regulate  activity for “common good”   Public response to article (murans) not popular different conceptions of reality link w/ progressivism both flag educator, and physician weren’t businessmen, just experts. Use 
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Unformatted text preview: progressivism to re-shape society (what progressives did) represented no one, just were experts. Progressives not very interested in race and equality-Settlement houses set up t help people try to address cities issues. expansion b/c of child labor and low wages Education- faith in education, but not in equal access to american dream 1901-1908 Roosevelts conservation 1907- national conference on conservation raises awareness on environmental issues Status of women 1) progressives supported idea 2)1910-14- western states supported women voting 3) alliance of national american womens suffrage movement (right to vote for women) 4) impact of WWI )b/c they participated, get right to vote....
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reformingamerica - progressivism to re-shape society(what...

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