HE - "HE'S HEARTBROKEN." No one ever disputed that Skilling...

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"HE'S HEARTBROKEN." No one ever disputed that Skilling was clever. The Pittsburgh-born son of a sales manager for an Illinois valve company, he took over as production director at a startup Aurora (Ill.) TV station at age 13 when an older staffer quit and he was the only one who knew how to operate the equipment. Skilling landed a full-tuition scholarship to Southern Methodist University in Dallas to study engineering, but quickly changed to business. After graduation, he went to work for a Houston bank. The bank later went bust while Skilling was at Harvard Business School. Skilling said that fiasco made him determined to keep strict risk controls on Enron's trading business. He once told BusinessWeek that "I've never not been successful in business or work, ever." Skilling now declines to comment, but his brother Tom, a Chicago TV weatherman, says of him: "He's heartbroken over what's going on there. ... We were not raised to look on these kinds of things absent emotion." Enron's "intellectual capital" was Skilling's pride and joy. He recruited more than 250 newly minted MBAs each year from the nation's top business schools. Meteorologists and PhDs in math and economics helped analyze and model the vast amounts of data that Enron used in its trading operations. A forced ranking system weeded out the poor performers. "It was as competitive internally as it was externally," says one former executive. It was no surprise then that Skilling would turn to a bright young finance wizard, Fastow, to help him find capital for his
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HE - "HE'S HEARTBROKEN." No one ever disputed that Skilling...

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