When+Technology+Changes+Business - When technology changes...

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When technology changes business Time and again, history has taught us that the technologically superior win — be it nations, civilisations, individuals or companies. The radio industry was booming till the early 1990s. But the mobile phone changed it all. Now, the radio industry is limited to only a few companies which are able to sell on the content they offer, rather than the technology. The mobile is the perfect example of a technology which led a disruptive change among many industries. Companies tried to win against this technology rather than among themselves. The businesses around digital camera, personal computer, MP3 player, calculator — all underwent a disruptive change. Many, like camera-makers, forayed into digital medium with high resolution as their forte. Others like the digital and wrist watch industry were severely impacted with the advent of mobile phone. Similarly, the snail mail industry and along with its mascot — the erstwhile ubiquitous postman — lost his job, all thanks to email and the internet. Interestingly, it’s in war
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When+Technology+Changes+Business - When technology changes...

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