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Study Guide – Exam 3 (Nonwovens, Finishes) Fabric name Finish Batik Resist dye Burn-out Burn-out Challis Screen print Crinoline Starched Dotted swiss Flocked Eyelet Embroidery Flannel Napped Fleece Napped Gingham Yarn dyed Ikat Yarn dyed Madras Yarn dyed Organdy Parchmentized Plissé Parchmentized Tweed Fiber dyed Ultrasuede Napped Additional Vocabulary Additive finish- extra embroidery so it doesn’t unravel Aesthetic finish Finish doesn’t use dyes or prints, adds an expense visual Anti-static finish Batik Bonding Burn-out Carbonizing Ciré Cross dye Discharge print Embossing Expanded foam Thermoplastic, add bubbles, lay it on garment in a pattern, used for a non- skid, fragile and will crack and peel off Felting
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Flocking Fulling Garment dyeing Glazing Halogenation
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Unformatted text preview: Heat-transfer printing Ink-jet printing Insecticide Lamination Leavers machine Moiré Napping Needle punching Felt imitation- not as strong, punch with needles to tangle fibers together, made of acrylic Nubuck Parchmentizing Performance finish Permanent finish Progressive shrinkage Registration Renewable finish Roller printing Schiffli machine Cheap way to make dense logos, computer generated, polyester threads, wont wear away wrinkles rest of fabric Schreinerizing Screen printing Subtractive finish Suede Soft surface brushed leather, hides imperfection not as expensive as leather used for uggs, hats, coats Tentering Tie dye Ultrasuede Union dye Washable wool...
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