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Exercise 3 - Go To System Menu Bar Defaults → Industry...

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Exercise 3: Create Material Master ( Exercise 3 NOTE : "System Menu: Default ..." ( Select from menu at the TOP of the screen ). There is a difference between the System Menu BAR and SYSTEM Menu ITEM on the BAR. MUST have a "Copy From" box, if not, re-try/re-click/re-select.) Navigation Menu Path Logistics Materials Management Material Master Material Create (Special) Trading Goods Trans Code MMH1 Enter the following information: NOTE: the ‘System’ menu is the small text menu at the very top of the screen If you see a box labled ‘industry sector’ on the initial screen, click the dropdown and select ‘retail’.
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Unformatted text preview: Go To System Menu Bar : Defaults → Industry sectors… (at top of screen) Select: Retail Check Hide industry sector (Enter) Go To System Menu Bar at top of screen: Default → Views… Select the views: Basic data 1 Sales: Sales Org. Data 1, Sales: Sales Org. Data 2 Sales: General/Plant Data Purchasing MRP 1, MRP 2, MRP 3 General Plant Data/Storage 1 Accounting 1 Make sure these are checked (Enter)...
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