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Exercise 9 - (Enter Select Purchase Requisition to be...

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Exercise 9: Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order (REIVSED) ( Exercise 9 NOTE : Expand Item Overview (Left Margin/Bottom) Must Hit the button! See screen shots) Navigation Menu Path Logistics Materials Management Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) MRP Evaluations Stock/Reqmts List Trans Code MD04 Enter the following information: Individual access Tab Material: SPEN_ _ _ Plant: P999
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Unformatted text preview: (Enter) Select Purchase Requisition to be converted and click (Details of Element) or Double click on the purchase req to be converted. Click on the button Enter Vendor (From the Vendor you created – 100???) Org. Data Tab Purch. Org. P999 Purch Group 999 Company Code C999 (Enter) Single Click on Open Requisitions line in the left window...
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