Exercise 13 - Shipping and Transportation → Outbound...

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Exercise 13: Create Delivery Note for Sales Order NOTE: If you successfully get through exercises 7-12 and encounter errors on 13 (delivery note), your sales order is probably defective. Go back to exercise 5 and create a new quotation, then go to 6 and convert it to a sales order. USE A QUANTITY OF 22 OR 33 (a small number). This will allow you to skip exercises 7-12 (you don’t need to buy any more product to meet the sales order) and go back to 13 and see if things work from there. If you successfully created a purchase order and a goods receipt document for that order, you DO NOT (if you used the small quantity noted above) need to repeat exercises 8-12; you can skip directly back to exercise 13. Navigation Menu Path Logistics Sales and Distribution
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Unformatted text preview: Shipping and Transportation → Outbound Delivery → Create → Single Document → With Reference to Sales Order Trans Code VL01N Enter the following information: Shipping point: S999 Sales order data Selection date: Enter a date 7 days from today Order: Enter the order number of the sales order created earlier (Enter) The system defaults the items and quantities from the sales order that are scheduled to be delivered. Item Overview Tab Click on the line item 10 (Item Details) (Back) Picking Tab: Verify system selected: Plant = P999 Enter the storage location for each item SLoc = 10 (Enter) (Save) Record the Outbound Delivery number: _________________ (Exit) Record the system message: Message...
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Exercise 13 - Shipping and Transportation → Outbound...

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