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CIS 3380 Sum II ’11 Homework #2 SAP Grading system For this assignment complete exercises 1 through 20 on SAP configuration exercise document. Deliverable is a screen-shot of the “last” milestone exercise (Ex #) you completed. You do NOT need to include the other earlier milestone exercises. Be sure to place your name on the document . (Exercise # 6 - 55 points) (Exercise # 12 - 7 0 points) (Exercise # 15 – 80 points) (Exercise #18 - 90 points) (Exercise #20 – 100 points) To take SAP screen shots you may have to either press the Prnt Scrn key or the Alt (or Ctrl for full screen frame) and Prnt Scrn keys together. Paste your SAP screen shot in
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Unformatted text preview: a MS Word document. Resize the screen shot to ensure that they can be read when printed for submission as a deliverable. Please note that if your SAP screen-shot printouts cannot be read, they will not be graded. Highlight your code(s) using a highlighter on the screen shot submitted. Be sure your SAP ID code or record/doc number appears in the screen shot. At the top of the MS Word document, write your name, section, and Exercise number the screen shot is from. Please remember to upload the completed MS Word file to the TRACS’s drop box as a backup....
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HW2SAPgradeSys[1] - a MS Word document Resize the screen...

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