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Adam Bede Chapter 1 The author promises to recreate a vision of the past for the reader — a picture of Jonathan Burge's  carpentry workshop as it existed in the town of Hayslope in Loamshire, England, in 1799. After  mentioning the shop itself, she focuses on a tall, sturdy young workman, Adam Bede. Several other  men, including Adam's brother Seth, are also introduced. The novel's first bit of dialogue concerns a  mistake which Seth, an absent-minded dreamer, has made on a door he is finishing; Adam defends  his brother against the others' mockery. Seth is a Methodist, and the talk shifts to a female Methodist 
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Unformatted text preview: preacher who intends to speak on the village green that evening; her name is Dinah Morris, and Seth is in love with her. Some general discussion of religion follows. The hour for quitting work strikes, and all the workers but Adam drop their tools immediately. Adam berates the others for not being interested in their trade, but they ignore him. The men disperse, Seth going to the prayer meeting to hear Dinah, and Adam heading home. A horseman pauses to admire the stalwart young man as he strides out of town, singing a popular hymn....
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