45 - he decides to tell his troubles to Mr Irwine hoping...

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Mr. Irwine informs Dinah of Thias Bede's death, and she goes to the Bedes' cottage and comforts  Lisbeth. Arthur learns on the same occasion that Hetty will be at the Chase, his manor, in two days'  time, and he places himself so as to meet her in a grove on the grounds. After talking with her, he is  ashamed of himself for being attracted to a mere farm girl, but he cannot break the spell and later  that day intercepts her again in the same grove and kisses her. Ashamed of his behavior once more, 
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Unformatted text preview: he decides to tell his troubles to Mr. Irwine, hoping that confession will cure his passion. But when he speaks to the clergyman at Broxton parsonage the following morning, he loses his nerve and says nothing about Hetty. Meanwhile, Dinah has encouraged Hetty to come to her if she ever needs help, but Hetty, a thoughtless little thing who feels that no trouble will ever come to her, repulses the offer. Dinah leaves for her home in Snowfield, Stonyshire, the next day....
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