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Thias Bede is buried, and Adam reflects that now he can begin to look forward to marriage; he is in  love with Hetty. He goes to the Hall Farm and finds that Hetty seems more friendly towards him than  in the past; he doesn't realize that her thoughts are all of Arthur, and his hopes rise. While visiting  Bartle Massey, the local schoolmaster, that evening, he learns that the keeper of the Chase woods  has had a stroke and that the job may be offered to him. Adam's marriage prospects look bright  indeed, both from a financial and an emotional viewpoint. Arthur's twenty-first birthday arrives, and all the tenants of the estate gather for a grand celebration. 
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Unformatted text preview: There is a round of toasts at dinnertime and everyone wishes the popular Arthur well. Adam is offered the job as keeper of the woods and he accepts it. There are games in which the townspeople compete in the afternoon and a dance in the evening. At the dance, Adam discovers by accident that Hetty is wearing a locket which looks like a lover's token, but he dismisses the thought that she is interested in another man. The locket, of course, is a gift from Arthur; he and Hetty are carrying on a secret affair....
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