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About three weeks later, Adam happens to be passing through the grove on the Chase grounds  when he finds Arthur and Hetty in an embrace. He is furious, starts a fight with Arthur, and knocks  him out. When Arthur revives, Adam forces him to promise to write a note to Hetty breaking off the  relationship. After much soul-searching, Arthur composes the note and gives it to Adam to deliver.  He then leaves to join his regiment in the south of England. Adam delivers the note, trying to soften  the blow to Hetty as much as possible. Before she reads the letter, Hetty refuses to believe that 
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Unformatted text preview: Arthur wants to break off the relationship; she is convinced that Arthur will marry her. After she reads it, she is in despair. She wants to leave home and go into service as a maid, but the Poysers won't let her. Finally she begins to feel that marrying Adam wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. Meanwhile, Dinah has written a friendly letter to Seth from Snowfield, and Mrs. Poyser has verbally routed Squire Donnithorne, Arthur's grandfather, who was bent on making a sharp deal with respect to the Poyser's farm....
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