49 - go to Dinah in Snowfield. After five days of...

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After traveling for seven days, Hetty arrives sick, exhausted, and penniless, at Windsor. Here she is  befriended by an innkeeper and his wife who inform her that Arthur's regiment has left for Ireland.  Hetty faints in despair, but the next day her courage revives, she gets some money from the  innkeeper in exchange for the jewelry Arthur had given her, and she heads back north, intending to 
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Unformatted text preview: go to Dinah in Snowfield. After five days of traveling, though, her spirits give out, and she leaves her coach and wanders out into the open fields. She spends part of a night by a pond but can't summon the courage to kill herself and so resumes her journey on foot towards Stonyshire....
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