50 - murder of her baby. He and Mr. Irwine go to Stoniton;...

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When Hetty does not return in the expected time, Adam decides to go to Snowfield and bring her  back. He discovers, of course, that she has never been there, and he tries to trace her but to no  avail. Realizing that she has probably gone to Arthur, he resolves to go to Ireland. He stops at the  parsonage to tell Mr. Irwine his plans and is shocked to learn that Hetty is in prison in Stoniton for the 
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Unformatted text preview: murder of her baby. He and Mr. Irwine go to Stoniton; Mr. Irwine returns the next day to break the bad news to the Poysers, while Adam rents a room and stays. Meanwhile, Arthur's grandfather has died and Arthur has set out for home from Ireland....
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