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51 - do before and induces her to pray Dinah then goes and...

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As the trial begins, Adam sits in his room in despair. Mr. Irwine and Bartle Massey (who has come to  stay with Adam) bring news of how the trial is progressing; Hetty's guilt seems certain, though Adam  refuses to believe it. Finally he goes to the courtroom himself. Two witnesses give evidence against  Hetty, the jury returns the verdict of guilty, and the judge pronounces the death sentence. Meanwhile,  Arthur has returned home, found a note from Mr. Irwine explaining the situation, and left for Stoniton. On the evening after the trial, Dinah comes to the prison and gains admittance; she has been away  and has just returned to the area. She gets Hetty to confess her guilt, which the girl had refused to 
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Unformatted text preview: do before, and induces her to pray. Dinah then goes and asks Adam to come and see Hetty before she dies. He comes the following morning, the day of the execution, and gives Hetty the forgiveness she asks for. Then Hetty is taken away to the place of execution. But at the last instant, Arthur comes riding up with a reprieve; Hetty's sentence has been commuted to "transportation" (exile). The next day, Adam and Arthur meet by chance in the grove where they had fought. Arthur is repentant and plans on going off to the wars. He asks Adam's forgiveness, and Adam, after a short struggle with his pride, agrees to shake hands....
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