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Adam Bede  The stalwart, forthright young workman whose rise to maturity provides the focus for the  novel. Dinah Morris  A saintly young woman, a Methodist preacher, who helps and comforts all those  around her. She serves as one of the examples of good morality in the novel and eventually  becomes Adam's wife. Arthur Donnithorne  Grandson and heir of the local landowner. A weak character who triggers the  crisis in the novel by seducing Hetty Sorrel. Hetty Sorrel  A vain young farm girl whose desire for social position makes her ignore Adam's love  and accept Arthur's less honorable advances. The Reverend Mr. Irwine  The rector of Broxton. A fine, upstanding man who forms the other  example of excellent morality. Eliot's principal mouthpiece for her theory of ethical determinism. Mrs. Poyser  A boisterous farmwife, aunt of Dinah Morris, who provides much of the comedy in the 
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Unformatted text preview: novel. Mr. Poyser An industrious and responsible tenant who is proprietor of the Hall Farm and uncle of Hetty Sorrel. Bartle Massey An abrasive old gentleman with an obsessive prejudice against women. The local schoolmaster. Lisbeth Adam's mother, an insecure old woman who complains ceaselessly. Seth Adam's brother, a gentle young man who stands by Adam with steadfast loyalty. Mrs. Irwine Mr. Irwine's mother, an aristocratic old lady. Miss Kate and Miss Anne Mr. Irwine's maiden sisters. Anne is an invalid. Squire Donnithorne Arthur's grandfather, owner of the estate. He is a dry, unpleasant, hypocritically polite old man. Lydia Donnithorne Arthur's aunt, a staid, formal spinster. Molly A servant girl at the Hall Farm. Marty and Tommy The Poysers' sons. Totty The Poysers' three-year-old daughter, her mother's favorite....
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