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Alick  Shepherd at the Hall Farm. Mr. Casson  The local innkeeper, former butler at the Chase, the Donnithorne mansion. Joshua Rann  The parish clerk and choir leader. Wiry Ben  One of Adam's co-workers at the carpentry shop. An impudent, talkative young man. Chad Cranage  The village blacksmith. Chad's Bess  Chad Cranage's daughter. She throws away her earrings under the influence of  Dinah's preaching. Timothy's Bess 
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Unformatted text preview: A cousin of Chad's Bess. "Feyther" Taft The oldest man in Hayslope. Mr. Craig Gardener at the Chase. Luke Britton A neighboring farmer whom Mr. Poyser dislikes. Old Martin Poyser Mr. Poyser's father. Colonel Townley A magistrate who watches Dinah preach and later admits her to the jail to see Hetty. Thias Bede Adam's father. His death plays a part in Adam's development...
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