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Research Project and Oral Presentation The assignment of your individual research project was made randomly the first week of class. The individual who was assigned presentation 1 will make a presentation covering the key points in Gerard M. Blair’s paper “Presentation Skills for Emergent Managers” located in TRACS. All other students in the course will be assigned and research the life of a significant contributor to the field of OB. The goal of this assignment is to make the person you have researched a “real person” to your class colleagues, and not just a “name” in a textbook. Be creative!
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Unformatted text preview: Here are some suggested questions that you should answer: 1. Who is your person? 2. When did/do they live? 3. Where are they from? If still alive, where do they live today? 4. What was their childhood and family like? 5. What are/were their hobbies and interests? 6. What type of education did then attain? 7. What are they doing (if still alive) or did they do professionally and where? 8. Briefly, what are they famous for? 9. Briefly, how has their work in OB influenced people? 10. You may also include any other information that is important to share....
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