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3 - points earned for your research project and oral...

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► Oral Presentation - Each student will make a 15 minute formal business presentation about your person to the class. The presentation must include Power Point slides. You are encouraged to find pictures and/or photos to incorporate into your Power Point presentation, to support what you are presenting - - but do not include videos or items from YouTube. Be prepared to respond to some questions from the instructor and your class colleagues following your presentation. You will be evaluated on your ability to communicate your research findings to the class. The
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Unformatted text preview: points earned for your research project and oral presentation will be based on the rubric found in TRACS. I strongly suggest an early start on this research project and oral presentation – gathering needed materials will take time. Please see me immediately if you have any questions about any part of this this assignment. #351 - You need to know to know your professor isn’t going to give you an “A” for effort. He expects effort. He will give you an “A” if he thinks your work is brilliant....
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