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20 - be a summary because at that moment they simply switch...

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Presentation topic for mgt The Ending The final impression you make on the audience is the one they will remember. Thus it is worth planning your last few sentences with extreme care. As with the beginning, it is necessary first to get their attention, which will have wandered. This requires a change of pace, a new visual aid or perhaps the introduction of one final culminating idea. In some formats the ending will be a summary of the main points of the talk. One of the greatest mistakes is to tell the audience that this is going to
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Unformatted text preview: be a summary because at that moment they simply switch off. Indeed it is best that the ending comes unexpectedly with that final vital phrase left hanging in the air and ringing round their memories. Alternatively the ending can be a flourish, with the pace and voice leading the audience through the final crescendo to the inevitable conclusion....
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